Shanghai police find Japanese idol’s portrait used on fake taxi license
China life / October 18, 2017

Shanghai police find Japanese idol’s portrait used on fake taxi license An illegal taxi driver was detained after Shanghai police found he used a fake operating license with the portrait of a Japanese idol. Police stopped a suspicious red Falanhong taxi at a check point on Jiangsu Road on July 21. However, the driver failed to hand over his driver and vehicle licenses. Officers also found the operating license in the cab was not that of the driver himself due to the big difference in appearance. A young policeman figured out that the photo on the card was a Japanese star, Satoshi Ohno. Satoshi Ohno, who was born in 1980, is a singer, actor, artist and choreographer. He is the lead vocalist and head of popular Japanese boy band Arashi, and reportedly has no driver’s license. The Shanghai driver, surnamed Cao, confessed to buying the cloned taxi and fake operating license together online, at the cost of more than 10,000 yuan. He said he didn’t pay attention to the source of the photo. It’s reported that the photo was from Arashi’s album “GUTS”. Police also discovered that Cao had illegally installed a small motor in the taxi which could defraud…

Why is Apple struggling in China?
China life / August 3, 2017

Apple has again posted strong quarterly earnings, but the one blemish on its stellar results is China. The company’s revenues there slipped 9.5% from a year earlier to slightly more than $8bn (£6.1bn). Apple’s flagship iPhone is losing market share to a slew of local competitors. The company also faces challenges in dealing with China’s strict internet censorship regime. The iPhone is no longer king China is important for Apple because it makes much of its hardware there, and it’s a major market for its products too. Globally, the company posted quarterly revenue of $45.4bn (£34.4bn), fuelled by the sale of 41 million iPhones. Image captionSpoiled for choice? The iPhone has lost market share as customers have shifted to cheaper alternatives. But research firm IDC said that iPhone shipments in China fell 27% year on year in the first quarter of 2017. The problem, it seems, is that local competitors like Oppo, Huawei and Xiaomi are cheaper, and their products have improved dramatically. Although the iPhone had the edge a few years ago, competitors like Huawei’s P10 now represent a comparable product, according to Jake Saunders, an analyst with technology market intelligence company ABI Research. “You can buy a clone…

Chinese children marry each other aged 13
China life / July 26, 2017

Last month, two 13-year-old Chinese children married one another. The small ceremony took place in Ding’an County, Hainan Province in Southern China. Footage has since emerged of the wedding on YouKu, a Chinese streaming service. The nuptials were reportedly arranged by the couple’s parents. In the short clip, the newlyweds can be seen wearing red costumes and bowing to one another as is typical of a traditional Chinese wedding, surrounded by their friends and family. The bride was reportedly five months pregnant at the time. Whilst their actual ages remain unconfirmed, with the majority of reports claiming that the pair are both 13 years old. Either way, the wedding will not be recognised officially by the state as the legal age for women to marry in China is 20 and for men it is 22. However, according to Jiang Quanbao, a professor from Xi’an Jiaotong University, there is no specific penalty for breaching the law in the country. Despite having one of the oldest age restrictions on marriage (in the UK the legal age is 16 whereas in Iran you can legally marry aged nine with judicial consent), numerous incidents of child marriage in China are reported. Just last year,…

Chinese gay video ban sparks online backlash
China life / July 17, 2017

A crackdown on a wide range of internet videos by Chinese censors has caused a backlash on the country’s popular micro-blogging site Sina Weibo, with many users objecting to a decision to ban content which features same-sex relationships. On Chinese social media, many were left angry, baffled, and upset: “Aren’t people born equal? … What right do you have to discriminate against others?” said one. Another commented: “Aren’t homosexuals normal? Why do you push them to a corner?” The outcry was prompted a decision by Beijing regulators to censor the portrayal of homosexual activity in online videos. The regulations, which came into force at the beginning of July, classify homosexuality as “abnormal” sexual behaviour and cover not only explicit sexual content but any portrayal of same-sex relationships, positive or negative – for instance in popular online dramas. On Weibo, the hashtag “Online Content Review Discriminating [Against] Gays” was viewed by millions and generated thousands of comments. And while the decision sparked the biggest backlash from Chinese social media users, the censorship extends further. There are 84 categories of material that were banned from online video programmes by Chinese censors, including prostitution, drug addiction, extra-marital affairs and what authorities deem to…

Chinese woman gets cash from purse returned – a decade after she lost it
China life / June 12, 2017

A woman in eastern China has had the cash inside a purse returned a decade after she lost it, according to a news website report. The woman lost the purse that also contained an identity card and bank cards about 10 years ago when she was working in Nanjing in Jiangsu province, reported. The woman did not report the loss of the purse and the 268 yuan (US$39) inside to the police and later moved to neighbouring Anhui province. However, a man did find the purse at the time, but promptly forgot about it after taking it home. He then found it last year after preparing to move home and handed it to a policeman in Nanjing. The officer was finally able to track the woman down using her identity card. The woman, who was not named, was reluctant to travel all the way back to Nanjing to reclaim her belongings and such a comparatively small amount of money. Police got round the problem by sending the money back to her on her account on the social media platform WeChat. Powered by DBestInfo

Man Fined For Cutting Roof Off Car To Make It Like Convertible in China
China life / June 11, 2017

A man was fined in southwest China after he cut the roof off his car to make it look a convertible, according to Chinese media reports. The man tried to flee after he was spotted by police in Luoping county in Yunnan province. The motorist drove into a nearby brick factory, but was caught by traffic officers, reported. The man, aged 26, whose full name was not given in the reports, was driving a car in poor condition which was overdue for an official inspection and service. He was fined 400 yuan (US$60) and three points were docked from his driving licence. A man was fined in Liuyang in Hunan province in March for illegally altering his Chinese-made car to make it look like a Porsche. The man bought badges and stickers to pass his Zotye SR9 off as a Porsche Macan. He was fined 500 yuan for modifying the car so that it did not match its registration details. Do you recognized that is Zotye SR9???

Why Chinese Celebrities are Opening up Their Own Hot Pot Restaurants
China life / June 1, 2017

It is one of China’s favorite dining styles: hot pot (火锅), also known as Chinese fondue, an ancient dish that never seems to go out of fashion. In this special series, we explores the latest trends in the world of Chinese hot pot. In this first issue: our recent visit to Beijing’s Rock Hotpot, owned by the popular Chinese rock band Second Hand Rose. Why is it a trend for Chinese celebrities to open up their own hot pot restaurant?   It is a growing trend that started some years ago: Chinese celebrities are opening up their own hot pot restaurants across the country. Over the past few months, the celebrity hot pot boom has caught the attention of Chinese media sites and  making ‘celebrity hotpot’ (明星火锅店) a much talked-about topic.   Alternative Beijing rock band Second Hand Rose (二手玫瑰) recently opened up its very first private hot pot place in Songzhuang, while the established celebrity hot pot chain ReLaYiHao just keeps getting more popular. But there are also scandals; Chinese actor Bao Bei’er (包贝尔) was called out by Chinese state media earlier this year for serving fake duck blood in his hot pot joint. Spicy hotpot served by Second…

10 Most Beautiful Chinese Actresses
China life / June 1, 2017

Most Beautiful Chinese Women Following 30 are the cute and most beautiful Chinese women pictures.   30. Gigi Lai 29. Yang Mi 28. Tang Wei 27. Ayi Jihu 26. Bobo Gan 25. Cecilia Cheung 24. Yao Chen 23. Chrissie Chau 22. Liu Shishi 21. Li Cheng Yuan 20. Liu Yifei 19. Gao Yuanyuan 18. Zhang Jingchu 17. Zhou Xun 16. Zhao Wei 15. Zhang Yuqi 14. Xu Jinglei 13. Zhang Ziyi 12. Jia 11. Yuan Li 10. Yuan Quan 9. Wang Likun 8. Jiang Qinqin 7. Zhang Xinyu 6. Ma Yanli 5. Wang Fei Fei 4. Victoria Song 3. Li Bingbing 2. Zhang Zilin 1. Fan Bingbing

The Top 10 Apps for China Travelers
China life / May 30, 2017

Apps are revolutionizing the way we travel, and nowhere is this more true than China. Downloading these apps before you get to China can make everything a whole lot easier, as it alleviates problems with the language and can help you get your bearings. That’s why we’ve listed the top 10 most useful China apps for travelers, whether it be language, directions, traveling, taxis, or restaurants.   Vehicle Apps Didi taxi You can call a taxi using your phone app like WeChat. It’s very convenient and you can even book a taxi earlier. You need to install WeChat for this. Mobike Recently very popular bike which you can ride just for 0.5 rmb or 1 rmb. You just need to install the app and charge periodically when you ride it. you also need to pay the guarantee fee like 300 rmb. You can ask for refund once you don’t wanna ride it anymore   Language Apps Pleco (Free or Upgraded Version) In terms of getting to terms with the Chinese language, Pleco is one of the best language-learning apps, and will also save your life if you can’t read things such as menus, signs, or can’t translate a tourist attraction…

China crackdown
China life / March 12, 2017

China’s police authority said it busted more than 380 “underground banks” last year, involving over 900 billion yuan (US$131 billion) as the authorities attempt to stem an exodus of cash flowing out of the country. The Ministry of Public Security said in a statement on its website on Sunday that more than 800 suspects involved in money laundering were arrested and it found that illegal banking operations were “rampant” across the country, helped by the emergence of internet finance and new online payment methods. China mounts massive crackdown on sprawling underground bank network China is facing huge pressure from capital outflows as investors attempt to move their cash overseas, sometimes illegally, as the yuan’s exchange rate has been weakening against the US dollar. The country’s foreign exchange reserves have shrunk by US$1 trillion from a peak in June 2014. China’s foreign exchange regulator, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, has tightened oversight of cash remittances overseas and suspended Chinese investments in overseas property projects. This has forced some businesses and people to turn to unlicensed banking operations to get money out of the country. “Transactions via underground banks are often opaque and it’s hard to accurately estimate the detailed amount…